Color and Light


With a unique perspective of using color and light, Diane Elmslie’s vision comes to life on canvas. Experimenting with oils, acrylics, paper collage, watercolor, sumie, and photography, Diane developed her passion for art at a young age and completed RIT Fine Arts Program while honing her craft for 35 years as an artist and graphic designer.

In 2004, she dedicated her life to her creative work, producing original works and teaching watercolor classes using her unique style of masking as featured in her handbook; “Unmasking the Mystery of Masking”, and has showcased her work as a member of the Rochester Art Club and various galleries in the region.


In Fall 2014 and Fall 2015, Diane was elected to create imagery for the 2015 & 2016 Lilac Festival poster and currently features work at her studio in Wheatland, NY, and is available for commissioned work, original works, and classes for aspiring artists. Check out Diane's page at Anderson Alley Artists!

"I continue to study the strength and delicacy of many mediums, using my own photography as the springboard for cropping, enlarging and abstracting images, wherever they are found in nature. These organic forms, which may include landscape, plant-life, still-life, as well as the human figure, are expressed in oils, watercolors, paper collage, or whatever medium lends itself to my subject." - Diane Elmslie